Social-Environmental Activities

Sustainable Growth

When we talk about sustainable business development, the question that arises is how is it possible for a company to be ecologically correct, socially responsible, and still be productive?

Agrale seeks to conduct its operations in a sustainable manner, believing that progress is not just economic, but also social. Our operations seek to contribute to environmentally related issues without exhausting the resources that we need, respecting the social conditions and creating healthy relationships with consumers, suppliers, and employees.

This is how we maintain the sustainability of our businesses - through quality products at competitive prices, promoting a more just and balanced society and the social responsibility that is inherent to our processes.

Research and Development

Agrale has a team of engineers that are exclusively dedicated to the research and permanent development of products. The main concern is to obtain a better cost-benefit relationship with differentiated products that meet the demands and need of the market. Technological updating is also done through partnerships with world leaders. After all, that is what characterizes Agrale - innovative solutions and products elaborated with refined technology. Agrale takes environmental issues in consideration when developing new products, such as the rational use of natural resources, lifespan, recyclability, post-use, etc.

Training Center

Agrale prepares its own team of internal and field technicians in its Training Center, in order to improve the service of distributors as well as to develop and distribute technical literature to its Dealership Network, giving training to end users in basic maintenance, operation, and product application. More than 300 specialist technicians are trained annually by Agrale.

Technical Assistance

Agrale Technical Assistance is offered in all authorized distributors through professional mechanics that are directly trained within the company, and with all the specific tools necessary for product maintenance.

Social Responsibility

Agrale understands that exercising Social Responsibility is connected to the idea of sustainability, which seeks to reconcile the economic, environmental, and social spheres to create a scenario that is compatible with the continuing operation of the company. Agrale believes that the valuation of people and actions geared towards citizenship and the preservation of the environment, are essential for the construction of a more just and sustainable society.

Environmental Management

Agrale’s concern with quality is extended through the end of the production process, including the quality of the environment.

With the wise use of resources and the lowest level of effluents, residues, and emissions in all units,  the impact on the environment is reduced,  reinforcing the commitment in seeking excellence in all of its operations. 

Through Environmental Management, Agrale seeks to follow environmentally correct management procedures. One of the objectives is the constant search for the optimization of product consumption to avoid causing harm to the environment. Our units have programs that reinforce our concern with the environment.


Solid Waste Management:

Waste management at Agrale includes steps that start with the purchase of raw materials through the shipping of the product,  optimizing resources and using ecologically correct and economically feasible destinations, prioritizing avoidance, minimization, reutilization, recycling, treatment, and disposal in order to achieve a cleaner production process.


Efluent Management:

Besides the industrial process improvements that seek to save water and use less aggressive products, Agrale has Effluent Treatment Stations in all its plants to meet the quality standards required for treated effluents.


Emission Management:

Besides being concerned with the atmospheric emissions that result from the production process, Agrale shows its position as an innovative company by introducing products to the market that have the same objective. Thus, the Hybridus bus was born, an ecologically correct and economically sustainable product. Other initiatives also ensure the fulfillment of the legislation requirements regarding vehicle emissions.

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