Defense and Security

Developed especially for military applications and public security, Agrale Marruá 4x4s are extremely agile and can take on any kind of terrain with ease. It is available in ½t, ¾t, 1½t and 2½t models for ambulances, reconnaissance, troop transport, electronic war and command-and-control operations. It has unique characteristics, some of the most important are its heavyduty drive train, high spring suspension and overall strength ensuring unmatched performance for military operations.


With its military DNA, Agrale Marruá was developed to face heavy challenges, such as network maintenance services, mining, reforestation, sanitation and fire fighting ... and, why not for adventure leisure. Agrale Marruá is very resistant and guarantees high productivity, outstanding performance on off-road terrains with excellent operational savings. It is available on models with PBT from 4,300 to 6,000 kg.