Since 1962 working uninterruptedly, we took part in the history of many people. From the aid to the field man work, passing through transport, mobility and security to the big cities, till the dynamism to create solutions in the transportation of people in the most complex situations, our tradition is renewed. Because putting people in first place is what take us further.


Agrale is a Brazilian company increasingly internationalized that incorporated to its philosophy a big dose of boldness that coupled with a lot of dedication and hard work has won respect and admiration in the countries where it operates.

Agrale is part of the Stedile Group, which besides Agrale and its subsidiaries (Agrale Montadora, Agrale Argentina, Agrale Comercial and Lintec), also includes Agritech Lavrale and Fazenda Três Rios.

Updating constantly and improving every day, even after nearly one million of products manufactured, Agrale still keeps alive the will to face and overcome challenges.



To offer more than products and services. Agile , creative and competitive solutions in the automotive field, especially commercial, defense and agriculture vehicles, in order to anticipate and differentiate itself from competition in specific market opportunities. Agrale strives to offer the necessary quality to meet customer needs, providing consistent feedback to all people involved and also respecting the environment.



To be a company recognized by itself and its solutions.



  •     Customer’s satisfaction;

  •     Quality in all actions that develops;

  •     Collaborators appreciation and involvement;

  •     Profitability: the guarantee of perpetuity;

  •     Focus on partnerships;

  •     Ethical behavior;

  •     Respect to the environment;

  •     Supplier: indispensable link;

  •     Social Responsibility.


Quality Policy

Seek the satisfaction of internal and external clients through the excellence of our products and services.


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On December 14 Agrale is founded under the name Agrisa- Indústria Gaúcha de Implementos Agrícolas S.A. (Agrisa - Gaucho Industry of Agricultural Implements SA,) producing cultivators and diesel engines.

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