04 jul 2013

Agrale, a manufacturer of trucks, 4x4s utility vehicles, tractors, chassis for busses, and stationary engines, is showcasing at the trade fair Transpúblico 2013 its new line of front-engined chassis for microbuses, midibuses and buses. The company’s highlight at the fair is its 17-ton MA 17.0 chassis, its newest launch for urban and freight applications. For Agrale, the launch represents a new phase marked by its entry into the important passenger transportation segment. The new chassis will hit the market in July. Other highlights include the MA 10.0, the most robust chassis model in the micro category, which now comes standard with ABS brakes, and the MA 15.0, its flagship product in the midibus category.

The new MA 17.0 is now Agrale’s model with the highest cargo capacity. One of the models showcased at Transpúblico 2013 is configured in accordance with SPTrans standards for applications on urban bus lines in Greater São Paulo.

The MA 17.0 further strengthens Agrale’s presence in passenger transportation, since it will allow the manufacturer to participate in this important segment that now accounts for over 40% of Brazil’s total chassis sales and is highly disputed by all manufacturers.

The main features of the MA 17.0 are its robustness and mechanics compliant with the Brazilian market. It can handle bus bodies as long as 12,500 mm and was designed to meet the most severe conditions created by intense city traffic and full loads. The chassis is equipped with a 6-cylinder MWM engine that generates 225 hp and 861 Nm of torque, allowing roll-on acceleration at low RPMs, which is ideal for use in congested city traffic. The model also comes with an Eaton FSO six-speed manual transmission, front and rear leaf spring suspension, power steering, 5,950-mm wheelbase on the standard version and gross vehicle weight rating (technical) of 17,000 kg.

Another highlight from Agrale is the MA 10.0, which features all the innovations and improvements introduced in the Euvo V compliant line of microbus chassis.

The Agrale MA 10.0 chassis in its new version with a 4,800-mm wheelbase was designed to allow operators to make the most of the chassis and increase internal space, handling bodies as long as 9,300 mm. This version is recommended for highway and freight applications. Meanwhile, the version with a 4,500-mm wheelbase is recommended for severe urban applications, accepting bodies of up to 8,900 mm and with a GVWR of 10,000 kg. The 165-hp MWM engine ensures a high level of performance. For greater passenger comfort, full air rear suspension is available as an option.

In the midsized bus segment, Agrale offers the MA 15.0, a chassis ideal for the midibus concept, which allows for transporting more passengers with greater comfort and safety than a microbus. It also ensures more agile handling in urban traffic than a conventional bus. Recommended for urban or short- and medium-haul highway applications, the MA 15.0 chassis comes with a 190-hp MWM engine. The model features a GVWR of 15,000 kg, wheelbase of 4,300 mm to 5,250 mm and a six-speed EATON transmission.

Brazil’s largest manufacturer of light-duty chassis and the leader in this segment for 15 years, Agrale offers a wide range of vehicles with GVWR from 8,000 to 17,000 kg and various models that meet the broad range of applications demanded by the market. In addition to the models presented at Transpúblico, Agrale offers other rear-engine, low-floor chassis options with air suspension and automatic transmission. The complete family of Agrale chassis is formed by the models MA 8.7, MA 9.2, MA 10.0, MA 12.0, MA 15.0 and, starting this July, the MA 17.0, all with front-engined layouts. The rear-engined models, all low-floor, are the MT 12.0 LE, MT 15.0 LE and MT 17.0.



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